Our ever evolving food menu sees regular updates from our team of dedicated chefs. We take our inspiration from the classics and apply a modern mentality when developing these ideas, but sometimes, there’s no school like the old school.

Looking for our Brunches? View the different experiences we offer.

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Prawn Crackers

Can be GF

Edamame Beans (V,GF)

Steamed Edamame Beans topped with Chilli Salt & Spring Onions (8-10pcs)

Lotus Crisps (V, can be GF)

Bowl of posh Chinese Crisps topped with Coriander and Chilli.

Mans Sharing Box (N)(Can be VE)

Chef Man’s Spring Rolls (4pcs), Salt & Pepper Chicken (4-5pcs), Prawn Sesame fingers (2pcs), Satay Chicken (4pcs)

Sweetcorn Soup (VE)

Add Chicken +£1.00

Hot & Sour Soup (VE)

Add Char Siu & Chicken +£1.00

Salt & Pepper Calamari


Salt & Pepper Chicken


Salt & Pepper Tofu (VE)(GF)


Chinese Spare Ribs

Served with a Sweet Chinese BBQ sauce topped with Spring Onions

Chef Man’s Spring Rolls (V/VE)

Babycorn, Celery, Mushroom, Carrot & Cabbage served with Sweet & Sour sauce (4pcs)

Crispy aromatic duck rolls

With duck sauce and cucumber (2pcs)

Pork War Tips Dumplings

Seasoned Pork, wrapped in pastry, steamed then fried (3pcs)

Chicken Gyoza

Steamed Chicken Dumplings finished in the wok served with Chinese Vinegar & Ginger (3pcs)

Satay Chicken (N)

Chicken marinated in spices, served with Peanut dipping sauce

Szechuan Chicken

Chicken Fried & covered in house Szechuan Mayo (8pcs)

Szechuan Panko Tofu (VE)

Fried Panko Tofu, covered in house Szechuan Mayo (4pcs)

Firecracker Cauli Wings (VE)

Tempura Battered Cauliflower drizzled with Spicy Sauce, Toasted Sesame & Spring Onion (6pcs)

Prawn Sesame Fingers

Sesame Seed topped Prawn Rolls served with Sweet & Sour Sauce (3pcs)

Roast Duck Bao

Crispy Duck with Hoisin, Cucumber & Spring Onion (two buns)

Char Siu Bao

Slow cooked Chinese BBQ Pork with Sweet BBQ Sauce, Shredded Carrot & Spring Onion (two buns)


Tempura coated Slow Cooked Belly Pork with Sriracha Ketchup & Pickled Vegetables (two buns)


Tempura coated Aubergine with Red Cabbage, Spring Onion & Szechuan Mayo (two buns)

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Crispy golden Chicken tossed in Sweet & Sour sauce

Crispy Chilli Beef

The classic Chinese takeaway, Mans style

Duck & Char Siu

Sliced Aromatic Duck and BBQ Pork served on Chinese Greens & Soy Broth

Blackbean & Pepper

Modern take on the takeaway classic with a choice of Chicken, Beef or Tofu (VE)

Szechuan Aubergine & Tofu (VE)

Spicy blend of Chilli and Garlic with pieces of Aubergine and Tofu - Add Chicken +£2.00

Mongolian Beef Bowl

Shredded Beef & Vegetables in a Sweet Soy Broth topped with Sesame & Spring Onion

Teriyaki Beef

Shredded Fried Beef with Sticky Teriyaki Sauce with Toasted Sesame & Shredded Spring Onion


Traditional style Chinese Curry with mixed Vegetables topped with Coriander

Chinese Mushrooms Stir Fry (VE,GF)

A mixture Shiitake & Button Mushrooms Stir-fried with Greens in a Mushroom Sauce

Mans Egg Fried Rice (GF,Can be VE)

Large Fried Rice portion with Chinese Greens, Spring Onion and Sesame
Add Chicken/Beef/Prawn or Char Siu +£2.00
Make Special +£2.50
Special contains Chicken, Beef, Prawn & Char Siu

Chow Mein (VE)

Classic Fried Noodle dish with Spring Onions, Onion & Beansprouts
Add Chicken, Beef, Prawn or Char Siu +£2.00
Special +£2.50
Special contains Chicken, Beef, Prawn & Char Siu

Crispy Duck Fried Rice

Shredded Crispy Duck served with Mans Fried Rice & Chinese Greens.

Singapore Flat Noodles

Spicy Flat Noodles with Shredded Peppers, Onions and Beansprouts
Add Prawns & Chicken +£2.00

Egg Fried Rice (GF, Can be VE)

White or Brown

Steamed Rice (VE,GF)

White or Brown

Fried Noodles (VE)


Triple Cooked Chips (VE,GF)


Salt & Pepper Chips (VE)


Broccoli, Chilli & Garlic (VE)

Steamed Broccoli in a Spicy Garlic Soy glaze

Garlic Chinese Greens (VE,GF)

A mixture of Chinese Greens & Spring Onions in a Garlic & Vegetable Sauce

Jug of Sauce

Sweet & Sour(VE,GF) / Curry Sauce(VE) / Satay Sauce(VE,GF,N)

Szechuan Mayo (VE)